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What is the expense for the freezing of funds seller? Principle of operation.

On Axefile trading platform for the seller all the conditions for the conduct of a full-fledged business. However, the Internet has a lot of different scams and fraudulent schemes on other trading platforms, such Axefile. To avoid this, we have taken care, and also on the sellers, namely the commission of safe and secure transactions between buyers and sellers.

We have developed a fairly simple and, at the same time, a reliable scheme commit Axefile trading on the site where the buyer and seller are at equal levels of security in the transaction. The guarantor of security of transactions is our system Axefile.

Scheme funds are credited to the seller:

  • The buyer selects and pays him a favorite of digital goods.
  • Money buyer get on one and temporary foreign currency accounts (depending on the digital goods has been paid in any currency) to obtain the status of “frozen”. See the account you will be able to on the main page of the Seller's office.
  • After the period of “freezing of funds” and the absence of negative feedback from the buyer for the purchased goods to them, funds are transferred from a frozen account to an active seller's account. In this case the seller's commission is held with the sale of goods, set Axefile administrator.

Period frosts received after payment of goods means that seller is 72 hours (true with 23.05.2016). Management reserves the right to change the principle of Axefile site and change the freeze.

We wish you good luck and big profits!

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