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How to add items to the section Recommended?

Adding the product to the section Recommended

Product placement in the “Recommended” section at times increases the number of sales of your products. The service is paid. To purchase a service, you need to update your account online (how to update your account on the site?).

To add an item to a page with a list of items in the “recommend” you should log in the My office → Goods on sale ( click on the desired product Improvements to product (see. picture)

Select the service and click button:


In the window that opens, select Continue:


If you have enough money, you can recharge your account (link Add funds).

Choose the appropriate account with the funds on it.

Select the period display (move the slider, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard). Min. time - 1 day.

Specify the start date of the withdrawal of the goods in the unit recommended.

Press button Pay for services.

This product has appeared in your list of improvements. Next , by clicking on the link (purchase journal) you can view information about your purchase by product improvements .

As you can see our product was added to Top products (block Recommended) and expect potential buyers to immediately see your product.

  • You can select one or more of these methods. To view the results of the selected note on the floating unit to the right result.
  • You can extend from any of these services at any time. At the same time , a new period is added to the remaining time of the current services.

We wish you good luck and big profits!

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