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How to pay for items through the payment system Z-Payment on site

The choice of payment system for the payment of goods Z-Payment

Select the items and go to the page with detailed descriptions and the ability to purchase goods, click on the button Buy

  1. Choose a payment system Z-Payment (payment through the various payment systems of your choice. Currency: RUB/wallet ZP/cryptocurrency).
  2. Enter your EMAIL.
  3. Read the rules of buying and check “With the purchase of the rules read and agree”.
  4. Click Checkout to go to the next step.

View the details of the order

Once on the page Payment of digital products please click “Checkout”.

Making payment

Then you go to a page of the payment system Z-Payment. Check whether you have selected items for payment and payment amount. You can pay in one of the currencies: USD, UAH, EUR, RUB.

Checking new posts by email

After receiving a message by email, please go to the link for the purchased goods.

Go to the Panel buyer

Go to the “Panel buyer” (Cabinet), which in the future will store all your purchased goods. Following the link you will automatically be logged into your office. In the future, when buying goods we advise you not to change the email, since the products purchased will be available only on this email. Shelf life of products is unlimited. You can always log in to the office and get access to the purchased goods, for this we recommend to change the password in the “Settings” (see. Picture below).

If the type of goods purchased the archive file - download it. If a different type, simply copy it.

After receiving the goods, please leave your review on this product. This is important for you, because you credited rating points, which can then be used as a coupon code when purchasing digital goods online, and for the rating of the seller.

If you are satisfied with the quality of the goods (the goods match the description), please send your positive feedback. If you for any reason not satisfied with the goods, please do not rush to put a negative review, as the seller of the goods will be immediately blocked. You sleep with the seller and try to negotiate with him (at the page of goods has its contacts). It is possible that was made some inaccuracy in the description of the goods, which led to its misinterpretation.

List of purchased digital goods to the buyer panel

Changing the password in the customer panel

Enjoy! Successful you purchase!

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