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How to pay for the digital goods?

On the trading floor of a large part of the payment is made electronic money, as it is quick, convenient and economical. Usually, the commission is from 0.5-1%, unlike other methods of payment (commission which can range from 3% and above).

Payment by electronic money

Marketplace as payment for digital products accepts electronic money from a variety of electronic payment systems, which allows almost instantaneously deliver digital goods to the buyer.
When buying digital goods, whether, the program code, the keys to a game or a book immediately after the fact of payment for buyers will be created by his Members Area, where he can get it bought digital goods. Typically, this is either a file (to be provided with a link for downloading), or text information (serial number, PIN-code, etc.).
All goods purchased by the buyer (provided the SAME email-address) will be stored in the office of the buyer (the shelf life of products is unlimited). When buying goods on the trading floor and constant use service customers it reward points, which can then be used as a discount on future purchases of digital goods on the site (currently in development …).

You have the opportunity to pay for goods in several ways:

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