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Setting exchange rates for the sale of goods

How to set their exchange rates on the site?

  • The site has 4 types of major currency accounts: USD/RUB/UAH/EUR (more about foreign currency accounts).
  • Set exchange rates for their products is not necessary.
  • Any seller can set a course for each of the existing currencies. Exchange rates will be valid only for the goods of this seller.
  • When installing the seller their exchange rates in all items from this seller automatically converted value based on the input it in exchange rates. This is very useful in a situation where it is necessary “to fix prices” to the prices of all items have become “fixed” as the site operates the automatic recalculation of the value of all goods (more about foreign currency accounts). Exchange rates are updated automatically (several times per day).

How to set exchange rates for their goods?

Go to the Control Panel on the link left “Setting payment” tab and choose the “Currency Rates”. Choose Your “Activate” Set their courses in the fields of the column “My course”. Save the changes by clicking on “Save” (see pic.).

How to disable the exchange rates?

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