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Recharge personal account on the site

How to replenish a personal account on the site

  • If you need to pay for services within the system (eg to improve the properties of the goods: to bring the item to the top position to allocate goods itd), then it is necessary to fill one of your foreign currency accounts.
  • Calculation of all services on site only from the personal account of the user.
  • You can top up any of its existing foreign currency accounts: USD/RUB/UAH/EUR.
  • To replenish foreign exchange account you want to include foreign currency accounts.
  • After switching on the foreign currency accounts, go to recharge.
  • Transactions with account replenishment is very similar to payment for goods and you can see the instructions for each of the existing payment system to pay for the goods description page.

For example, consider ways of updating through the payment system Webmoney:

If you want to add funds through the payment SCS Webmoney, you must first run the client WebMoney Keeper. If it is not installed, you can download it here and install: WebMoney Keeper.

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