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The inclusion of foreign currency accounts

Current currency accounts online Axefile.

On the site Axefile every seller/agent can have one or more foreign currency accounts:

The list of available accounts in the following currencies:

  • USD (U.S. dollar)
  • EUR (European Currency Unit)
  • UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • RUB (Russian ruble)

Foreign currency accounts are required for a comfortable and complete the work of sellers / partners with different currencies on the site. Digital goods merchants are realized for different currencies, and each currency is credited to the account of the same name: USD/EUR/UAH/RUB. The system has the ability to exchange within the system at the exchange rate of the site (online courses updated several times a day).

How to enable foreign currency accounts on the site?

Go to the Profile link left menu “Payment settings” and select the tab “Accounts”. Set the tick on the currencies, which will work (to make money for the sale of goods and/or receive partner reward - for agents). When you select a list of currencies will be activated appropriate gateway, depending on the currency enabled (see. Tab next to “Payment System”). Save the changes by clicking on the “Save”. Note that red tick marked mandatory foreign currency accounts to use the system (see. pic).

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