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Adding product description in another language

Why add the title and description in another language?

When adding/editing of digital products in their virtual site you have the opportunity to specify a field in a different language (Lang product page), for example, in Russian. The following will occur. Fill in the fields in the proper language, you thereby create an additional page with a description of the goods in the proper language.

This can be both English and Russian, or simultaneously both languages. For example, a Russian version of the site will create a page with a description of Russian, for the English version of the site - in English. I note that all service meta-tags page will be created automatically based on the language that you fill in the appropriate language field.

In addition, Lang product page relink tightly together, which will give good results for the promotion of your pages in the top search engines.

What is it you give, you ask? For more profit:
It's simple: Expand target users for your product by improving its indexing in search engines, as a result, increase the conversion of your store, and ultimately, increase your sales of digital products.

The name of the fields that you must specify a different language:

  1. Title (ENG),
  2. Description (ENG),
  3. More Info (ENG)

We have the opportunity, be sure to recommend it to use.

On the page, add or edit a digital product, press the corresponding button (see. The figure below)
Click to open additional field for another language:

A window will appear with useful information:

Then fill in the appropriate fields with the name, description, and additional information about the product:

Good luck with your sales!

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