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API-interface #1: Seller Info

API-client interface to send XML-requests and receiving XML/JSON response from the API server data with information about the seller

XML-request (example)

URL for request
Method POST
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<request api_version="1.0">

Request parameters

Name Status Description Data Type
merchantrequiredThe unique identifier of the seller (agent), received at registration (you can view My Office) (integer)
signaturerequiredThe signature request is calculated as follows (PHP):

$merchant - the unique identifier of the seller (agent)
$shop_hash - secret key, which can be obtained here:

sellerrequiredThe unique identifier of the seller of goods (integer)
formatoptionalThe format of the response to the request (xml/json). Default: xml (string)

XML response to the request (Example)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response api_version="1.0">
    <username>John Wallker</username>
    <first_name>John  </first_name>
    <email>[email protected]</email>
    <country_name>United States</country_name>
  <status status_descr="Successful sending a response from the API-server">success</status>

JSON response to the request (Example)

//The answer comes to JSON format, but we have to render its conclusions in the form of an array of data (PHP):
print_r(json_decode($json_data, TRUE);)
    [seller] => Array
            [id] => 169
            [username] => John Wallker
            [first_name] => John
            [last_name] => Wallker
            [shop] => Banshee
            [phone] => 15555555555
            [email] =>
            [country_name] => United States
            [country_code] => US
            [status] => 1
            [count_goods] => 0
            [icq] =>
            [skype] =>
            [user_rating] => 0.00000000
            [sales] =>
            [created_on] => 1440340981
            [cnt_reviews_negative] => 0
            [cnt_reviews_positive] => 0
    [status] => success
    [status_descr] => Successful sending a response from the API-server

Response parameters (XML/JSON)

Name Description Data Type
seller/idUnique identifier Seller (ID)(integer)
seller/usernameName of seller (First name and Last Name) (string)
seller/first_nameFirst Name (string)
seller/last_nameLast Name (string)
seller/shopStore name seller (string)
seller/phonePhone Seller (integer)
seller/emailE-mail seller (string)
seller/country_nameCountry name (example: United States, Ukraine, Russia) (string)
seller/country_codeThe country code in the alphabetical index (example: UA, RU) (string)
seller/status0 - not activated, 1 - working, 8 - sales lock, 9 - lock account (integer)
seller/count_goodsNumber of products seller (integer)
seller/icqICQ Seller (integer)
seller/skypeSkype Seller (string)
seller/user_ratingRating score Seller (example: 101.00000000) (decimal(12,8))
seller/salesThe number of sales Seller (integer)
seller/created_onRegistration date in the format *unix time stamp (integer)
seller/cnt_reviews_negativeNegative reviews (integer)
seller/cnt_reviews_positivePositive reviews (integer)
status (XML)The status of the response from the API server: success - successfully completed, error - error. For a more complete understanding of the tag is transferred XML-Attribute @status_descr - status description (string)
status (JSON)The status of the response from the API server: success - successfully completed, error - error. (string)
status_descr (JSON)Description of the status of the response from the API server. (string)

To obtain and use API-solutions you need to log in using the login form for partners / sellers to get seretny key. If you are not registered as a partner, you can do it right now: go to the registration.

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