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API solutions are presented in the form of XML/JSON-interfaces. Using provided us XML/JSON-interface, you can create on your site catalog, made in your own design. You will have all the necessary interfaces to your visitors can make purchases directly on your site. All the information from the XML/JSON-interface is updated in real time, which will create a catalog with the relevant information. With the sale, perfect on your site, you will get your profit. Do not forget that, in addition to earning extra money, you make your website more attractive, since adding a new functionality - the sale of digital goods. Good luck with your sales!

#1 Seller Info

#2 List of products by Seller

#3 Product page with a form of payment

#4 List Categories

#5 List of products by category

#6 Product Reviews

API-client interface to send XML-requests and receiving XML/JSON response from the server API with a list of items found.

To obtain and use API-solutions you need to log in using the login form for partners/sellers to obtain the secret key. If you are not registered as a partner or a seller, you can do it right now: go to the registration.

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