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  • - an online service designed to provide Internet users a convenient automated interface that allows you to make instant purchases and sales of digital products. In the future, it may be referred to: store, online shop, e-store, service, trading platform, the virtual platform). Digital goods - are goods that are represented in digital form, such as PIN codes, text, music, graphics, etc.
  • Calculations of the online store carried out using the titular characters payment systems are not the currencies of any country. Consequently, all of the above concept of store goods, the buyer, seller, price, and others like them, or their derivatives terms used in this Agreement or any other pages of this website are used solely for the convenience of usage and can not be understood as a symbol of strict concepts as a salesman, shop, etc., as well as other activities related to the financial transactions, the commission trade and procurement commission or other activities.
  • Online Store has the right not to participate in the possible differences between the buyer and the seller (including the judiciary).
  • Online Store not responsible for the goods offered for sale and purchase other registered dealers on the trading floor.
  • Online Store provides permanent and unconditional access to the provided services. Operation e-shop can be broken by force majeure or other causes prevention or overcoming of which is beyond the capacity of the administration
  • Online Store does not provide any guarantee in respect of ownership of the buy or sell using products, their fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third party rights.
  • Online Store provides services in the form in which they are at the moment, and without warranties.
  • Online Store not responsible for the safety of goods seller.


  • Online Store reserves the right to remove from sale any goods shop without proper explanation, to prohibit access to the server store any user by blocking the account of the seller, its IP address.
  • Online Store has the right to confiscate money in his favor was available on the account of the seller, if there is evidence of illegal activities of the party in relation online store, its customers or other vendors
  • Online Store has the right not to give reasons for this or that his actions in relation to the online store, its vendors and products.
  • Online Store has the right to appeal to any judicial bodies for redress online store caused by the seller or other of his actions.


  • Vendor Online Store can be anybody, after assuming duties unconditional compliance with this Agreement in the form of a public offer and obtain identification data for access to the service
  • If you are already a registered dealer online store and offering goods for sale, by the same token you confirm that you have the legal right to sell this product. Online Store do not impose any restrictions to the products for sale. All the legal responsibility for its digital products takes over the seller.
  • Online Store not conduct a detailed check exhibited for sale, however, if the seller of the goods by the buyer entered a negative review, the funds from the sale of this product will not be received by the seller until the resolution of the conflict with the buyer. The administration has the right to intervene in their relationship in two ways: to remove a negative review of the buyer and the seller to return the proceeds from the sale of goods, or to remove a negative review and return the money spent on the purchase of the goods back to the buyer.
  • Online Store has the right to remove from sale any goods seller if the product is active advertising or other similar store digital goods, or any other Internet resource that violate the laws of the country in whose territory was opened by a user page with this product For example, if the product description contained obscene language.


  • Terms of shopping online store built to best protect the buyer from possible seller fraud, but fraud on the part of buyers also not ignored the administration of the project.
  • Buyers Online Store has the right to leave a negative review on the purchased goods if he considers that the purchased goods do not meet the description.
  • If the opinion of the Administration of Internet shop negative feedback buyer is authentic, the funds spent on the purchase will be returned to him except for the cost of money transfer (from the amount refunded will be deducted the commission payment system).
  • If the opinion of the Administration of Internet shop negative feedback buyer turned out to be false, this review will be deleted, and the proceeds from the sale will be returned to the seller.
  • Buyer negative reviews must indicate their Home Contacts to resolve contentious issues, otherwise the funds to be returned will be deducted in favor of the administration of the online store


  • All disputes between sellers, buyers and administration be settled through negotiations.
  • Any damages that may be incurred by the seller, the agent or the buyer in the event of intentional or reckless violation of any requirements of this Agreement and/or related regulations, online store not reimburse.
  • The maximum liability of the administration of the project can not exceed the equivalent pays the seller for the use of the services of service
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