Affiliate program Partner reward program

Description of partner program

Affiliate program is a traditional co-operation of online stores with the owners of Web sites and active users of social networks. This type of partnership is very beneficial for both parties and It allows the shop to get extra profit and partners earn by receiving commissions.

The scheme works is very simple: partner places on its website showcase our store, for example, a reference to a particular product. If you come on the link a visitor makes a purchase at the store, paid a percentage of the transaction partner. The service works on the model of pay per sale (PPS, pay-per-sale).

The amount of remuneration for the partners sets the owner of the goods (the seller). Partner may at any time request a withdrawal of any amount they earned, but not lower than the minimum amount, which is installed in the system

Please note that the registration system is uniform for both sellers who are going to sell their goods, and for partners who are going to earn by promoting other people\'s products. Sellers without any restrictions can serve as a partner, thereby increasing their income.

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