FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

After a successful completion of the transaction of purchase and sale of digital goods (on trading floor) from the seller the commission of 5% of cost of the sold goods keeps.

The seller’s funds received for the sale of goods are frozen for 72 hours using the “Safe Transaction” system (the starting point is the date of the transaction). After this period, and in the absence of claims by the buyer to the seller, the funds you earned under the affiliate program will be automatically credited to your account.

Register at least one of the payment systems: Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Bitcoin, Payza.
* Accounts in these electronic payment systems (accounts / wallets) will be needed to withdraw the earned money to your wallet.

Before registering on our site, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the user agreement and the principle of operation of our site.
Register on the site.
After sending the registration form to the email you specified, a message will be sent with the activation link for the account.
By clicking on the link, you, by the same token, confirm your registration in the system and will be able to log in.

If you have already registered on our website, please go to: Your Profile - Payment settings and fill in all the necessary information.
Profile - Payment settings (the "Currencies" tab) and MUST include the desired currencies (currency accounts), then save the settings.
Profile - Payment settings (the "Payment Systems" tab) and MUST select payment systems to accept payment for the goods, then save the settings.
Profile - Payment settings (the "Purses" tab) and MUST specify purses for the withdrawal of funds, then save the settings.

You can add the digital goods in several ways convenient for you:
1. The button for addition of goods is also available on the page of your Cabinet: Cabinet - button Add item
2. The button for adding a digital goods in the left menu of the "Control Panel"

Please fill in all required fields and click the "Save" button.
Below are the types of digital goods:

In detail: the buyer receives an archived file (this can be a file with any extension or zip / rar / tar / 7zip-archive)
Quantity: For a unique type - there is a placement of 1 unit. Goods. For the universal - an unlimited number.
TYPE: TEXT ALMOST MULTI-TEXT (article, blog, business information)
(The text is arbitrary, up to 2000 characters are allowed)
In detail: the buyer receives a multiline text. This can be any information outlined in the text, for example: an article, a blog, business information, any other custom multi-line text.
Quantity: For a unique type - there is a placement of 1 unit. Goods. For the universal - an unlimited number.
TYPE: CODE ALONE IN ONE LINE (passwords for games, access passwords, discount coupons)
(The code is arbitrary in one line).
Details: the buyer receives textual information. This can be any information outlined in the text, for example: passwords for games, access passwords, discount coupons, any other custom text in one line. To place multiple products, specify each of them with a new line.
Number: Available from 1 to 100 lines of code
TYPE: 16-SIGNAL CODE (automatic generation by the system)
(Code 16-digit, created automatically by the system)
In detail: the buyer receives a 16-digit code, automatically generated by our system.
Quantity: Available from 1 to 100 lines of code.
TYPE: ARBITRARY FORM (the seller himself sends the goods to the buyer (after successful payment), based on the additional data filled in by the buyer in the form indicated when purchasing the goods).

ATTENTION, IMPORTANT! After you add the information about the product, you must go directly to the addition of the body of the digital goods (sale object).


After adding the body of the digital goods, it will be sent for moderation and soon, after approval of the moderator, will be put up for sale. If you, for some reason, could not or forgot to add a body for a digital product, you can always do this by selecting the item in the list of "Goods for moderation" that added it to replenish it.

The commission is paid by the seller. The buyer pays exactly such a value, which is indicated on the goods on the site. Usually the commission for each payment system ranges from 0.5-10%, depending on the method of payment. 

All products are stored on the powerful servers of our service, which have high speed, reliability and fault tolerance, and are also equipped with the best protection against any hacker attacks. The servers are connected to Internet channels with high bandwidth, which allows you to download the purchased goods at high speed from anywhere in the world.

In no case do not delete the feedback until the conflict is resolved! When deleting a negative feedback, a lock is released from the seller's money, he will have the opportunity to withdraw money from the store. In this case, you will not be able to return the money paid for a substandard product.

The only condition for changing the recall may be to provide you with a working product that fully corresponds to the description.

The owner of the goods is a specific seller (shop), it is he who is responsible for the quality of the goods that he sells. We do not interfere with the process of your transaction, but only provide a convenient interface for its execution.

Attention! But you can solve the contentious issue, for this read the item "How to solve the disputed issue with the seller?".

If your withdrawal request was rejected due to the impossibility of payment to the card indicated by you.

The reasons may be the following:

One of the main reasons may be - Cause of failure of the bank Privatbank (bank servicing us): The sale of currency by the bank, in particular the Russian ruble, is prohibited. In this case, when you return the application, the funds will be returned to your internal account.

How to withdraw money?
But it is not terrible, if there is no Ukrainian bank card, money can be withdrawn from the site in another way. To do this, simply specify any other card in USD or EUR currencies (not in Russian rubles), for example, a virtual or regular Payoneer payment card (https://www.payoneer.com/ru/) or any other payment system.

Что надо сделать:
At the same time, be sure to change the card number for withdrawal in the <Cabinet> - <Payment settings> - <tab - Wallets> section. You must also send an application for withdrawal of funds in the currency you need.

After all, be sure to send a message to the administrator ([email protected]) in any form indicating the output amount and your login (email address specified during registration).

After successful payment for the selected digital goods, you immediately get access to them. For you, the personal cabinet of the seller will be created immediately (all the data you will receive on the email specified when you pay for the goods).

By going to the Personal Area (Control Panel) you instantly get access to the goods you bought and you do not have to wait a minute to start using them.

To receive the purchased product, go to My purchases > Purchased products and click on the green "Get the goods" button. You will go to the page with a detailed description of the goods and on top will be the yellow box "Content of goods" - this is the digital goods you bought.

Depending on the type of product, you can download it, or open it for reading and then save it. For example, if you bought a book or program, immediately after payment you will be given a link to download this file in a convenient format (for download).

If you bought the access code, password, card, you will receive in a convenient format for downloading or reading this product, which will contain all the details of this card (serial number, pin-code) and / or its scanned image, or other necessary information , Which was indicated by the seller in the description of this product.

On the website each seller / partner can have from one and more currency accounts for obtaining on them the income and further use of means on accounts, for example for a currency exchange, withdrawal of funds, purchase of additional services on the website:

List of available accounts on the following currencies:

USD (US dollar)

EUR (European monetary unit)

UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)

RUB (Russian ruble)

On the website can be recharged by administration of the website, you watch news.

Currency accounts are necessary for convenient and full work of sellers/partners with various currencies on the website. Digital goods of sellers are implemented for various currencies and each currency is enlisted into the account of the same name: USD/EUR/UAH/RUB or др....

In system there is a possibility of a currency exchange in system at an internal course of the website (courses on the website are updated several times in days).

If you believe that the received goods do not correspond to the description, then you must leave a negative feedback about the product within 72 hours from the moment of payment. To do this, please log in and in the "My purchases" section, select the necessary product and write your claim in the "Product Correspondence" tab (MANDATORY!), This initiates the opening of the Spore with the possibility of correspondence with the seller (correspondence is only for personal viewing between you and Seller).

Also, in the "Product review" tab, leave a review with a rating of "bad" and write the feedback itself (the review will be visible in public). If within 24 hours the seller does not leave a comment on your feedback or does not contact you, open a dispute. How to open a dispute read in the paragraph "How to open a dispute with the seller on the purchased goods?".

Do not worry, our trading platform acts as the guarantor of the transaction and your money will not be lost. Within 72 hours after the transaction, funds received from you for the purchase of goods are frozen and the seller is not able to dispose of them. This restriction reduces the probability of fraud on the part of the seller to almost zero.

In case the product does not comply with the description, you can always contact the seller to find out the reason for this discrepancy. In the case of willful evasion of the seller from contact with you as the buyer of his goods, or the inability to resolve a positively questionable issue, you, as the buyer is entitled to open a Dispute. The dispute takes place under the supervision of the administration and the administration has the right to issue a verdict if it is impossible to find a compromise between the buyer and the seller. 

To open a dispute you need to log in, go to the control panel for the buyer and go to the purchased item in the My purchases section. From the bottom of the page, open the "Product Correspondence" tab and write to the seller.

ATTENTION! When sending the first message, a dispute with this seller is automatically triggered by the current purchase. After resolving the dispute, you can close the dispute.

You can contact the seller in several ways:
  1. To do this, log into the site and go to the "My purchases" section of the purchased product. On the page of the purchased product, click "write to the seller" and you will be on the page of private messages. Then click on the "New message" button. A window opens in which you select the vendor you want (search by email, its ID, or by name). Next, specify the subject and the text of your message. Send the request.
  2. Using the system of private messages. In the top menu of the site, click on "LAN" and you will be on the page of private messages. Then click on the "New message" button. A window opens in which you select the vendor you want (search by email, its ID, or by name). Next, specify the subject and the text of your message. Send the request.

In the case of disputable issues arising between the buyer and the seller, a system has been created for resolving such disputes (arbitration service). If the parties can not reach a compromise and resolve the disputed issue positively, the administration reserves the right to itself to make a verdict on an open dispute.

In case of a positive decision in disputes, you, as a buyer, are obliged to close an open dispute. Please note that a reopened dispute can not be opened.

You can leave a review and rate the goods you bought within 30 days from the date of purchase, this time is enough to make a decision regarding the quality of the goods.

You can not only leave a review about the product you bought on our trading floor, but also put an estimate for this product. To do this, log in to the site, enter the Control Panel and in the My purchases section, in the table that appears with a list of all your purchases click on the product name or on the green "Get the goods" icon about which you want to leave a review.

If during the payment or receipt of the goods there was a failure on our server or on the server of the payment system, while the funds were in the meantime written off from your electronic wallet (account, card, etc.), you can receive the paid goods at any time in My purchases section.

To do this, you need to log in to the site and enter your customer's office, where you can access all your purchases. If you do not remember your login and password, you can always recover the password (on the authorization page link "Remember password").

Buy goods (s) from on to on the site you can in two ways. 

The first way: buying a digital product through the basket. For example, if you need to buy several items at the same time, use the shopping cart (the "Add to cart" button in the product list or on the product page) and then go to the shopping cart and make payment for this order (having previously chosen a convenient currency and payment method ).

The second way: the usual purchase of a digital product. To pay for the goods you should click on the "Buy" button on the product page, choose one of the most convenient payment methods and the desired currency and after that click the "Pay" button. You will be redirected to the confirmation page, where following the instructions, complete the payment procedure.

На торговой площадке большая часть платежей совершается электронными деньгами, так как это быстро, удобно и экономично.

The goods can be paid through such payment systems:

  • WebMoney 
  • Yandex money
  • LiqPay
  • Bitcoin
  • Payza

Payment methods can be added, follow the news of the site.

First of all, you should understand that you are buying an electronic product, and you do not have the opportunity to touch it before purchasing. As practice shows, the majority of misunderstandings in online purchases arises precisely because the buyer hurried and inattentively acquainted with the terms of sale, delivery or description of the goods.

Therefore, take your time, do not regret the extra minute and carefully study all the information about the purchased product and its seller.

To find the product you need, use the search field in the top menu, or go to the catalog and select the category you need, or go to the Products section with page navigation.