How do I add a product to the Recommended? created: 24.07.2017 16:10

The placement of goods in the "Recommended" block at times increases the number of sales of your goods. The service is chargeable. To purchase the service it is necessary to replenish the account on the site.

To add goods to the page with the list of goods in the "Recommended" block, you need to authorize on the site and go to the product editing mode → the Progress tab, click on the "Order promotion" button.

The block with parameters of purchase of the given service will open.

  • Choose the account from which the amount for advertising services will be charged (if there is not enough money on the account you can replenish it).
  • Select the page to advertise.
  • Select the size for the banner or style for the text link.
  • Select the validity period of the service (in days).
  • Click "Pay" and the amount for the service will be charged to your account.

Confirm the payment.

Congratulations, you have successfully bought a service to promote your product (output of goods in top positions).

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