How it works? created: 28.06.2017 15:42 is an online service for providing virtual marketplaces for sellers who sell their digital products. At its core, this is a ready-made online platform for online sales of digital goods.

Usually, to start selling their goods, people hire programmers to build their store, but this method has several significant disadvantages:

  1. Monthly payment to programmers and web designers for technical support and modification, expansion of the functionality of your site (amounts can range from $800 - $1500 per month).
  2. Monthly payment for hosting, or dedicated server. It is also possible that you will use a secure protocol for the security of the SSL connection, then another annual payment for the SSL certificate for the year, and this is not small money.
  3. Small site traffic in the first couple of years. This is due to the fact that it will take more than a dozen months to make your store work and start making a profit.

After the above disadvantages, when opening your store for the sale of digital goods, we have the opportunity either to get into debt, or fly out into the pipe, or "stay on the horse." I am sure that not everyone will master this road, only 3-5%, the rest, simply, throw money away and be forced to close because of unrealistically huge competition and complexity in promoting the site in this direction. So are you ready to test your destiny?

Now, consider the result with the sale of their goods through our site of trading platforms:

Our site was created specifically to help people sell, so that they are not wasted, but only profit from the sales of their goods. Our site is built in such a way that he will sell you the goods you placed for, and at the same time, you should not make any financial injections! As a payment for the use of the trading platform with the sale of the seller, a few percent of the commission for maintaining our site is simply withheld.

Any visitor can use the site services. Sell ​​your digital goods can programmers, writers, designers, poets, artists, musicians and filmmakers and many other creative people ... To do this, just just register on our website and follow a few simple steps (see the articles section: How to become a seller And start selling digital goods?).

So, now consider the principle of the trading platform:

  1. system provides virtual trading platforms for use by digital goods sellers.
  2. Sellers place their digital goods on the site provided by (each seller has a store for selling digital goods).
  3. Buyers pay for digital goods and, practically, instantly receive it in their personal account.
  4. The money is credited to the seller's account, taking into account the retained interest on the trading floor.

As a result, service provides the opportunity to sell digital content by providing the seller and buyer directly. For the services of providing virtual sites from the seller, the system fee is withheld. It's very simple, without investing money, you, as a seller, sell your goods quickly and comfortably and do not pay any more!

Successful to you of purchases and sales!

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